Tyranny (2016)
Narrative Designer

"A power as distant and unthinkable as the Overlord should transcend our petty dualities. Male, female - it makes no difference. Kyros is mother to us all." 

~Tunon the Adjudicator, Archon of Justice

"The wretched girl is still a member of my legion, but she has broken her bond as surely as if she had killed me. I have lost my daughter, and she must learn to endure a General in her father's place." 

~Graven Ashe, Archon of War

"The Chorus didn't take me as a sobbing maid. I strode into their camp and enlisted. Someone tossed me a dented blade, I lived through initiation, spent a week butchering my neighbors, and moved on with my new kin."

~ Verse, the Scarlet Fury

"The Scarlet Chorus is open to anyone who wishes to reap the benefits of Kyros' Peace... the safety and protection bundled with the right to inflict fantastic cruelty on your foes, limited only by the imagination." 

~The Voices of Nerat, Archon of Secrets

"It is challenging enough to fit food through this stubborn iron bucket, I have gained several hundred pounds of iron and muscle over the last year, and I smell like a mass grave left open to the sun. But I am, for the moment, upright."

~Barik, the Stone Shield